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DAC Custom EQ

2024.4  Latest released chips
Download: writechip EQ 

TINHIFI FREE EQ APP is already in planning!

If your computer(PC)  does not have a Type-C port, please prepare a USB to Type-C adapter.

Insert the TINHIFI EQ cable into the PC's Type-C port. If there is no Type-C port, you can use a USB to Type-C adapter for the conversion,

1           OPEN:  KT_USB_APP.EXE     
            【The numbers in the Digital section, such as those not connected to the ADC, will not change.】


3、1、CLICK EQ  ,       2、CLICK  SYNC      3、 Activate    ALL_EN

Adjust the EQ as follows: increase 20Hz by 5.0dB, decrease 10Hz by -1.8dB (use - to indicate a decrease)

Adjust according to your preferences。

4、  After completing the adjustments, we need to save the BIN file. Click Save (1), then click File (2) - Generate Source File (3) - select Initial (BIN). This will generate a file with "NEW" at the end.


A new file, KT02H20_TINHIFI.bin_new.bin, will be generated. Next, we need to write KT02H20_TINHIFI.bin_new.bin to the chip.

Next, take this newly generated file, write and chip:

1、open  KT_BOOT_TOOL_1.0.23.exe (\writechip\) 


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