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TIN HiFi Classic Masterpiece - T2 has received a lot of feedback and praise for four years, Now we think it's time to come up with new ideas to upgrade! Adhering to TIN HiFi's signature streamline straight out metal cavity, T2 DLC 2022 version now has been upgraded to new levels! Especially in terms of dynamic drive configuration DLC drives and improved 0.78mm 2 Pin connectors we made the best changes! This is an acoustic in ear earphone, In terms of sound quality, atmosphere and style, especially quality they all perfect!

 T2  DLC adopts classic design language, pursues the concept of simplified streamline, highlights the beauty of simplicity, which is lighter and more comfortable to wear.

 T2 DLC uses high-density aviation aluminum to make the cavity, which makes the sound wave reflection more balanced. It adopts the unique optimized straight-out sound cavity and reduces the resonance caused by the reflection of sound waves, to make the sound more natural, purer, and perfectly show the original sound state.


T2 2022 uses 10MM DLC flagship moving coil that has been in development for years, adopts the fourth generation DLC composite diaphragm that utilizes carbon ions generated by vacuum cathode graphite arcs, then coated with a kind of diamond film layer to improve the frequency response characteristics of the unit and greatly reduces the split vibration. Using PU polymer independent hanging edge, T2 2022 has incomparable dynamic detail performance to restore the real voice.

T2 2022 dynamic unit adopts CCAW ultra-light voice coil imported from Japan, uses N54 high-density, high-strength magnets, and a brass dual-chamber design. It makes the earphones present rich details with high sensitivity and high resolution, having high mountains majestic and crystal clear like water.


T2 2022 matches with an 8-pin 5N silver plated undefined cable, uses the common 0.78 2 -pin interface on the market, and more environmentally friendly as well as skin-friendly German Bayer TPU materials. Long-term verification by T2 the fact has proved they are stand the test of time. Compared with other cables, the sound of this cable is clear and transparent, which is the best partner for T2 DLC.


TINHIFI T2 DLC using DLC flagship dynamic coil, And TINHIFI's unique acoustic cavity, with careful adjustment. Its frequency range reaches 10HZ-40KHZ and the total harmonic distortion is less than 1%, will give you some different musical experience.

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