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About TinHiFi

About 天天动听® TinHiFi®

listen and enjoy everyday

We have been committed to the OEM/ODM business at global HI-FI industry. In 2017, we officially launched our own brand called TINHIFI. Our dream is to bring Hi-Fi sound and quality to a more accessible price point.. With gorgeous workmanship and breathtaking sound quality, we strive to ensure that high quality music is no longer a luxury, but the norm.

Product concept

In ancient times, the chinese people formed a three tone system that defined three types of sound: Tianlai, or the sound of the Chinese Zither, Dilai, or the sound of Earth (birds, rivers, sea, etc.), and Kunqu, the sound of the human voice. In order to deliver truly groundbreaking audio quality, we attempt to accurately recreate these three fundamental types of sound.


TinHiFi® is named with the homophone of “Listen” and “Hi-Fi”.
With fine workmanship, comfortable wearing, beautiful sound quality, and unbeatable price, high-quality music is no longer a luxury.

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